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How to get a FASTag Dealership?

In India, FASTags have gained significant importance since the time Government has made it compulsory for all the four-wheelers to have FASTags. As the popularity of FASTag has gone up immensely, one could think about starting a business by taking the FASTag Dealership. This could also bring the opportunity to earn handsome money.

Anyone can take up the FASTag dealership with ease. The Internet is flooded with information related to FASTags. There are also numerous websites that can make your job easy by providing you with information about companies and banks with whom you can start up your FASTag business.

Who can become a FASTag dealer

If you are someone with a large social network and access to a large group of people can become a Fastag dealer.

There is one more factor to be considered. Another factor to become a Fastag Dealer is whether or not the person is interested in working in the industry.

However, the ones willing to take up Fastag dealership are always given top priority. People who are already RTO agents, transporters, car dealers, or work at fueling stations are given preference.

The criteria for becoming a Fastag Dealer include the following:

1) In order to work as a Fastag Dealer, you must have a basic understanding of computers.

2) The people who are interested in becoming a Fastag Dealer should have their own computer, biometric device, and printer.

3) To become a Fastag Dealer, a minimum investment of Rs. 50000 is necessary to start.

What exactly is Fastag?

FASTag is also called an Electronic toll payment collection system. It came into existence in India in 2014. It makes use of a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag of some sort in order to make the toll payments.

The government provides help to drivers to guide them through this program. In fact, as a part of the initiative, the government has installed electronic toll links in the toll plaza lane on various national highways.

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What is the best way to use Fastag?

There have been scenarios where the drivers encountered various problems while paying the toll tax at the toll plazas using FASTags. But now, the problems could be resolved easily. Anyone can pay the toll tax at the toll plaza at ease using FASTag. You just have to simply install FASTag on your vehicle, and the amount will be debited automatically from the FASTag account every time you use it.

At the same time, you will have to recharge your FASTag account whenever the amount expires. After good 5 years, you must either reinstall the FASTag on your vehicle or renew the same.

What is the best place to stick or install FASTag?

One of the most important questions is where FASTag will be placed. FASTag is supposed to be installed on your vehicle’s windscreen.

People using FASTags won’t have to waste time in long lines. Payments are deducted immediately as soon as you cross the toll plaza automatically. This definitely saves you both time and money on gasoline or fuel.

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