Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Credit cards can come in handy on those occasions when you’re short on cash. With the rise of digital payments and cashless transactions, a credit card is becoming more of a need than a convenience.

A credit card offers a safer and more flexible method of payment. When it is used properly it can help spread the expense of large purchases. While making the transactions easy, Credit cards, also, can be pricey, when you start making minimum payments or rack up a bill you wouldn’t be able to pay back.

Lifestyle Benefits

Enjoy discounts on shopping , dinning, movies etc

Travel Benefits

Get complimentry airport lounge access, fuel surcharges waiver, fuel discounts

Rewards & Services

Cash rewards, PAYBACK offers, 24x7 conceierge service and much more

Safe and Secure

Security of a chip card to protect against fraud

Beyond convenience, advantages of credit cards include:

With credit cards you get lifestyle advantages, enjoy savings on shopping, dining, movies, and many other things, benefits on traveling, benefits from complimentary airport lounge access, cancellation of fuel levies, and fuel discounts, services and rewards, cash incentives, payback offers, concierge service available 24 hours a day, and much more. Your transactions are also safe and secured. You even get protection against fraud with a chip card.

  1. Opportunity to build credit
  2. Earn rewards such as cash back or miles points
  3. Protection against credit card fraud
  4. Free credit score information
  5. No foreign transaction fees
  6. Increased purchasing power
  7. Not linked to checking or savings account
  8. Putting a hold on a rental car or hotel room

If you are new to credit cards, we have got you covered with a few frequently asked questions for newcomers.

The CVV number is a 3-digit number printed on the reverse of your Credit Card, beside the signature panel. You’ll need this to verify online transactions.

It’s a supplementary card that is issued to your family members. An add-on Credit Card is linked to your primary Credit Card account. Be careful about giving add-on cards to your family. You’re responsible for any defaults in payments.

That’s a Credit Card that has a merchant’s name and logo on it. These are promoted by the merchants and the card issuer together. Airline and Rewards Credit Cards are often co-branded.